Experienced Award winning hairdressers

Since establishing Alison Stewart Hair & Beauty 20 years ago I can honestly say I’ve lost none of my passion for this exciting and ever changing industry and when you visit one of our salons (Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes) you’ll see this passion runs deep with all our staff as well.

Kirkcaldy Salon

Alison Stewart - Owner

35 years on and still loving this industry! I love being part of a motivated team and seeing our young people realise their potential.

Regan Morton - Management

HI!!!! I'm Regan...I've been hairdressing for nearly 14ys also been with Alison Stewart hairdressing for that time too!! I'm 1 of the trainers for the young team!! Also a mce (master colour expert) I don't think of what I do as a job....and if it has to be it's the best job in the world!! Making people feel great about themselves is amazing, and I get to do it everyday!!!!

Morgan Ohara - Head Stylist

Hi I'm Morgan, I've been hairdressing for 8 years and I still get up every morning excited about coming to work. Im proud to say I have achieved my MCE (colour degree). I love every aspect of my job.

Currently on maternity Leave

Mairi - Management

Hiya.... Im Mairi. I'm a part of the management team in the salon. Ive been here since I left school and worked my way up ladder really quick. I love my job and meeting new people. "People have experiences and experiences make you who you are"

Kirkcaldy Trainees

Sarah and Danielle - Front of House

I'm Danielle and I have worked at Alison Stewart's for 12 years!!!! I am in with the bricks I am front of house manager and I love my job,,,, it's a fantastic place to work!

Hi I'm Sarah and been part of the front of house team for 7 years. I love being part of a very talented and creative team and am proud to say I work at Alison Stewarts xx


Squeeze Therapy

Hi I’m Jay and I’m a Complementary Therapist. I’ve been qualified for nearly 10 years and based in Alison Stewarts for 5years. I am qualified in a wide variety of treatments but mainly specialise in deep tissue and sports massage. I enjoy everything about my job, the clients I meet and the people I work with. I love making people feel better, whether its relieving muscle pain or simply helping them to relax and re-charge.

Currently on maternity Leave

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Glenrothes Salon

Michael Taylor - Head Stylist

I'm Michael. I've been hairdressing for 11 years. I'm Head Stylist at the Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy salons, and the most recent addition to the team. I have a passion/borderline obsession with hair! I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I'm so fortunate that my job, is also my hobby. I love all aspects of hairdressing, but I love colouring, styling and pin-ups the most.

dayna Mcintosh - Salon Director

Hi i'm Dayna ive worked in Alison Stewarts for 19 yrs, i've worked my way from junior to creative Director, i love to be creative with cutting coloring :)

Chery Spittal - Head Stylist

Hi I'm cheryl. I have been working in the glenrothes salon for 9 years! Time flies when you're having fun! Love my job and love the people I work with x

Currently on maternity Leave

Ally - Management

Been with the Company 20 years - super fast typist, photographic memory, love my job - and I love to bungee jump x

Michele Harms - Management

Hi, I'm Michele and I have been hairdressing for 30 years, great choice of career xx

Andrea Watt - Salon Director

I'm Andrea and I've been hairdressing for 30 years. I started working with Alison again in 2014 after running my own salon for 10 years. Wow what a great team to be working with. GLAD TO BE BACK

Paula Law - Salon Stylist

Hi, I ve been at Alison's for 3 and a half years. Love learning new techniques from the team. Love coming to work every day.

Our Trainees:

Natalie and Lou - Front of House

I ve been Front of House for 1 year. As a young girl I went to the salon. I look forward to meeting & greeting our lovely clients. X

Hola i am Natalie. I have been front of house for about 2 years at the Glenrothes salon and I get to spend my days with people that are more like family than work colleagues and I meet so many nice and interesting people everyday. I love making cakes, ice hockey and I talk way too much!

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